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Global Wellbeing, Safety & Productivity

LifeMatters Global is dedicated to helping individuals improve their wellbeing and organizations improve productivity and safety. See Our Offerings

The LifeMatters Global worldwide offering includes employee assistance, legal and financial, manager consultation, U.S. expatriate support, trauma response, reporting and program promotions consistently delivered across 6 continents.

Globally administered and local language delivered, we offer unparalleled services throughout the world from our credentialed providers.

Learn about the most up-to-date practices for implementing and managing global productivity, wellbeing and safety programs.


Access. Quality. Outcomes.

LifeMatters Global delivers 24/7 access to local language credentialed professionals in less than 10 seconds. Our effectiveness is measured and reported utilizing validated productivity and wellbeing measurement tools.

LifeMatters Global is a quality provider of wellbeing, productivity and safety solutions.

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