Access Matters.

We set a high bar for ease of access to services. No auto attendant, no page out to an on-call person, and no limits on number or length of calls. Connect any time, any where with live encrypted chat, video counseling and smartphone Apps.  Accessing program services couldn’t be easier with access to professionals where and when you need it 24/7.

LifeMatters Global is dedicated to helping individuals improve their wellbeing and organizations improve their productivity and safety. See Our Offerings

Service. The Same Experience in Every Language.

LifeMatters Global shares quality principles and practices across the globe. These practices ensure a consistent experience, seamless delivery of services and consistent outcome measures with customized promotional collateral to ensure that regional dialects and cultural nuances are respected.


One-size-fits-all isn’t an option for global services. LifeMatters Global creates programs that are tailored to your needs around the globe. Our services are culturally relevant with marketing and messaging available in numerous languages and dialects. For U.S. companies, our U.S. based account managers coordinate all aspects of multinational programs to simplify global administration and execution.



We can seamlessly integrate our program into your existing benefits plan and preferred delivery modalities. We also partner with your existing benefit providers to offer highly customized and integrated referral programs to improve outcomes and simplify.


Life, Work, Family, and Wellbeing.

LIfeMatters Global provides emotional and family counseling, financial and legal consultation, manager/supervisor consultation, crisis intervention, U.S. expatriate support and reporting. Our services are designed to impact wellbeing, productivity and safety.

As an independent EAP provider, LifeMatters Global maintains our reputation as the quality leader of wellbeing, productivity and safety solutions.

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