Performance Matters.

Designing and administering benefits at a global level is complex and dynamic. You need centralized tools to plan and deploy, coupled with responsive and measurably effective services that are delivered in culturally relevant ways.

LifeMatters Global is dedicated to helping individuals improve their wellbeing and organizations improve productivity and safety. See Our Offerings


With over 30 years of experience, LifeMatters Global provides services to over 2,000 clients across 6 continents. Our distributed international account management team centralizes the planning while enabling dissemination of culturally relevant promotions and reinforcing consistent compliance with corporate policies and protocols.

"A global presence, fluency in 27 languages, and more than 30 years of experience in the provision of EAPs to organizations across the world. The AXA ICAS multilingual call centers, extensive local provider networks and dedicated client service capability ensure that clients have access to EAP services of the highest professional standards regardless of where they are located."

-Andrew Davies, CEO of ICAS International

Global Thinking is in our DNA

With supportive technologies, LifeMatters Global ensures uniform application of HR policies and application of risk protocols while also supporting automated, cascading deployment of culturally relevant program promotions. With over 25 offices, located around the world, we are networked in a way that your employees and dependents may speak in their preferred language to a credentialed professional 24/7.

Better Outcomes are Our Business.


Reliable, consistent performance you can count on. With average counselor tenure of 12 years and over 96% of client companies recommending our EAP service, LifeMatters is committed to excellence with a global reach. With supportive technologies, LifeMatters Global ensures uniform application of HR policies and EAP across the globe.



LifeMatters Global consistently administers validated wellbeing and productivity outcomes tools resulting in one of the largest international databases of information on the impact of wellbeing, productivity and safety services in the world. The global deployment of the validated outcomes tools allows our corporate clients to understand the impact of our services information at a global, regional and local level (where utilization is large enough to protect privacy).

Service. The Same Experience in Every Language.

LifeMatters Global shares quality principles and practices across the globe. These practices ensure a consistent experience, seamless delivery of services and consistent outcome measures with customized promotional collateral to ensure that regional dialects and cultural nuances are respected.

Global Services in Local Languages

LifeMatters Global services provide support for work, life, wellbeing, and safety concerns for both individuals and managers.

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